Soup Day

ISBN-13: 978-0805090048

"With economical text and vivid, multitextured collages whose upbeat charm belies their sophistication, the process of preparing the dish unfolds. In one spread, Iwai cleverly offers lessons about numbers, colors, sizes, textures, and what various vegetables look like."

"A perfect meal and a perfect book".- School Library Journal


"Iwai’s writing debut beautifully depicts the loving relationship between a mother and daughter as they go about a winter ritual--making soup."


"While the author slips colors, numbers and shapes into the text, the real draws are the touching portrayal of a mom and her daughter and the gorgeous artwork. Acrylics and collage were combined digitally to make the illustrations, which are filled with colors and practically palpable textures. Pair this with Ehlert’s Growing Vegetable Soup. Ordinariness made extraordinary." (Starred Review)
Kirkus Reviews

Soup Day is very close to my heart, because it was inspired by my experiences in the kitchen with my son, Jamie.

At the end of the book, the recipe for Snowy Day Soup is featured. I hope you try it out! For more recipes and ideas for cooking with kids, please visit

Henry Holt 2010